Lunes, Mayo 27, 2013

Modern Occult Website reveals the Power of Ivory in rituals against witchcraft and sorcery

Since ancient time the ivory from elephant's trunks, hippopotamus' trunk  and warthog's pangs were valued by ancient practitioners of occult arts.

Ivory rings worn by Kings and shamans can detect poison in a liquid like wine, water and juices.

Ivory chopstick used by emperors can detect poison mixed in the foods  that were prepared for them

Ivory carvings and decors  displayed inside the house or sacred place either in religious or arts works deflect, abort and break the sorcerer's spiel  as it penetrate and enter the area.

Ivory worn as jewelry or accessories also deflects negative energy and curses of witchcraft intended for the person, making him invincible  to their attack.

Most Catholic's images, icons and carvings of saints and holy persons of the church use ivory in their representation because of the power associated with ivory.

Retold from the Lost Wisdom of Hakaltha Book of Occult.
Babylon 7000 BC.

From  the oral account of an oriental  shamans passed orally until this generation of modern shamans.

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